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Receive your prepaid card code directly by email.

How does our platform work?

CardTopUp is a website that allows you to find gift cards or game cards cheaper than in stores. Once you have purchased your CardTopUp, you have access to your code on your email address. Buy a card now to understand!

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Once your purchase is complete you will have direct access to the code of the card you purchased

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You can recharge your account! Buying a gift card is fast and the recharge of your account is instantaneous!

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Thanks to CardTopUp you can benefit from discounts all year round on all the gift cards we have in stock! Permanent discounts on our gift cards will only be available to our subscribers!

Take advantage of all our unlimited* benefits for £1.00 for 72 hours or for the purchase of your first card, then £27.90/month

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What is the purpose of CardTopUp?

CardTopUp was created to satisfy you and to offer you discounts on your favorite platforms such as Google Play, PSN, Nintendo or iTunes. You can now take advantage of these discounts. So don't hesitate anymore!

Get the gift card you need right now from among all those in our catalogue!

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What are the brands of CardTopUp

In order to satisfy you, CardTopUp allows you to use the cards of more than a hundred brands. iTunes, PSN, Netflix or Nintendo... Everything is there, so don't wait any longer.

Contact the CardTopUp advisors

If you want to contact our advisors, you can go directly to our "Contact" page so we can answer all your questions.